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Pharmacy contraception service

Women across Surrey are now able to get the contraceptive pill at their local pharmacy as part of a major expansion of healthcare services.

This means women can now access the pill without needing to contact their GP or visit Sexual Health Services first.

A pharmacist may be able to supply the contraceptive pill to:

Start using the contraceptive pill for the first time.
Start the contraceptive pill again after a break from taking it.
Get a supply of the contraceptive pill if it’s already been prescribed.
If the pharmacist gives the contraceptive pill, they will share this information with the GP if they have permission for to do so.

The service is provided by a pharmacist who has been trained to prescribe contraception. During the consultation, they will ask a range of questions, including information on sexual health.

Anyone needing the pill can access it through participating pharmacies without a referral from their GP, though they can be referred by their general practice or sexual health clinic.

To find out participating pharmacies in your local area visit: Find a pharmacy that offers the contraceptive pill without a prescription – NHS (

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