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Vision & Values


To provide joined-up patient care through integrated, patient centred, prevention-focused health services alongside our Primary Care Networks. United, we can collaborate for the benefit of our
patients and the NHS at large.

GP Health Partners Ltd (GPHP), also known to some as the ‘GP Hub’ is a local GP federation serving 18 practices in and around Epsom, Banstead and Leatherhead (see which practices here: ) Through partnership and collaboration, we deliver a range of services for our local population to improve access to healthcare together with positive benefits for our patients, their families, our local community, general practices, their GPs and staff. Working together at scale, allows us to respond to our populations’ varying health needs but it also means we can adapt, evolve and improve together as general practices which will have positive benefits for our patients, their families, our local community and other general practices, their GPs and staff.

Our values

We value high quality and joined up locally based services as solutions to the pressures on care delivery locally. Our values are based on putting our patients first.

Our aims

Committed to working as a formal network with one voice, sustaining & improving General Practice, trusting each other to provide the best services for our combined populations.

Our Network

Together we can do more. We will adopt a facilitative approach by bringing practices together to create mutual benefits.

Our Culture

Democratic, open, transparent with work allocated fairly across all practices. Less bureaucracy, more teamwork with an inclusive approach.


We are used to working together, can operate at scale; we have knowledge, skills and experience of managing and running significant out of hospital services.


We have good working relationships with our main stakeholders which encourages system wide thinking around service delivery.

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