About Us

GPHP was established to provide patient-centred, prevention-focused, integrated, consistent and innovative health services which deliver best value for the Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group and patients.

GPHP Ltd helps its member practices to develop a strategy for health care provision across their local communities. The GPHP strategy is focused on the priorities defined by the following:

  • NHS Planning Guidance 2015/17 – 2020/21
  • The 5 Year View
  • The Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group Primary Care Business Plans
  • Sustainability and Transformations Plans
  • The Epsom Health and Care Strategy

It will support the role of a Multi-specialty Provider (MSP) on behalf of the federation practices.

The intention is that the services that GPHP contract will be provided back to the Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group at a lower total cost than can currently be provided, while at the same time meeting the NHS’ stated aim of moving patient services back into the community.

The following guiding principles underpin our aspirations for our communication with patients, the public, stakeholders and staff. They provide a test against which our communication approach can be measured and assessed.

  1. Open and honest
  2. Consistent, clear and professional
  3. Caring
  4. Targeted
  5. Two-way conversational
  6. Partnering and collaborative
  7. Respecting diversity
  8. Partners, staff and volunteers are our ambassadors

GPHP was born of a desire to provide joined-up patient care through integrated, patient-centred, prevention-focused health services. By working collectively, rather than as single entities, we can collaborate more effectively for the patient and the NHS at large.

How We Work

GPHP is focused on Cardiology and running extended access services. GPHP will work with the Surrey Downs Clinical Commissiong Group and all areas of healthcare provision, including Epsom Hospital and Social Care, to deliver enhanced community-based services for our patients, putting them at the centre of what we do.

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